My process is simple. I listen first; I solve second.

I identify obstacles holding you back and propose solutions to move you forward.

Business Performance Strategies & Services for:

- Small Business
- Entrepreneurs & Solo CEOS
- Sales Effectiveness Facilitation

Small Business Performance

Strategic training for small business owners with a 1-5 person sales member team. Ideally suited for tech, real estate, and manufacturing industries yet applicable to other industries in need of elevating business performance due to sales and growth setbacks. 

1. Success Roadmap

A customized work plan to align sales team performance with leadership vision.

2. Weekly training with sales members

Programs may include any of the following sales performance elements based on business needs:  cold calling, field visits, mirroring, confidence/motivation tips, follow-through, objection responses, key client prospecting, SMART goal planning, and discovery sessions. 

3. Updates with leadership team

30, 60, 90 day big picture view with planning; weekly accountability updates.

4. Email support

Unlimited 1:1 email communications and a guaranteed response time of 48 hours with sales members and leadership team. 

Entrepreneur and Solo
CEO Business Performance

Ideally tailored for the health & wellness service industries yet can be applied to other industries facing slow growth.

1. Success Road Map

A customized work plan to learn how to package yourself, services, and/or products to prospects and customers to secure business.

2. 8-week training program

Programs are customized and may include any of the following business performance elements: overcoming obstacles and objections, referral solicitation, avoiding ‘shiny new syndrome’ through strategic planning, and performance accountability planning.

3. Email support

Unlimited 1:1 email communications and a guaranteed response time of 48 hours.  

Sales Effectiveness Facilitation

Kathleen and I worked together over the pandemic when we were all completely overwhelmed
by life and its changes. I was almost stunned by all the chaos and not moving forward…
after a series of sessions, Kathleen helped me break down my goals into doable steps
and see some areas of life that needed addressing before going forward.
Kathleen’s services are highly valuable; I enjoyed her insights and practical guidance.
I’m a massage therapist and trauma worker and it helped me get my business
and website going after a few years of illness and change.
I highly recommend Kathleen for any process improvement,
system enhancement and business goal alignment.

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