My mission as a Certified Life Coach (CLC) through Life Purpose Institute is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners build profitable companies and accelerate growth. To dream big and achieve big.

You’ll experience an authentic and trusted collaboration focused on catalyzing your company’s success. I’ll bring a spirit of authenticity, as well as my thirty years of business acumen.

I’m committed to the deep dive – to understanding your unique challenges — shifting you from processes that pull on the bottom line to implementing successful strategies.

Why Me?

I’ve got the chops to create your Success Roadmap across three core business functions impacting entrepreneurs and small business owners. After completing my coaching programs, you’ll be able to quantify success through the following:

Performance & Growth

Sales & Marketing
Vision & Leadership

When we partner together, you’ll receive:

1. The depth and breadth of my sales expertise across diverse business environments, with customized applications for your industry

2. Access to my network, including targeted 1:1 introductions

3. Specific steps and talking points to open doors and close leads

4. An honest business analysis combined with practical steps – no hidden agendas

5. A shortened path to success by learning from someone who has gone before you

6. Confidence building tips to empower your ownership and leadership capabilities

In both programs, we’ll cover these areas. The 9-week Signature Business Building Series will go into greater depth and offer plan customization; the 4-week Mini Business Building Series will provide overviews and rely on peer-to-peer, facilitated coaching.

Success Roadmap &
Program Components

Kathleen Donohue has been instrumental in both my professional and personal journeys.
She has the listening and coaching skills to ask the questions that lead you deeper into discovering your goals as well as revealing the behaviors that keep you from achieving them.
I highly recommend Kathleen Donohue if you are seeking ways to achieve success in all areas of your life.

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